Thanksgiving for event „Première of Pope-Mass from Gerald Spitzner“

World-première of "Messe zu Ehren des Heiligen Vaters Papst Joh. Paul II." from the Austrian composer Gerald Spitzner had been just admitted into Vatican´s event-diary to be performed in Rome at Holy Popes´s birthday, there had been visible God´s providence and its aim:

Today we thank God for his mercy to let us participate on that world-première of „Messe zu Ehren des Heiligen Vaters Papst Johannes Paul II“.


The spiritually nearness of the Holy Pope had been felt very strong at that cathedral in Poznan, it has been the first Christian church in Poland.

This cathedral the Holy Pope had been attended in his lifetime, a commemorative plaque and his golden throne are still remembering on it today.

Only after this world-première of the mass from Gerald Spitzner especially in that historical cathedral the commemoration of the Holy Pope had become round.


Thanks to everybody who participated to that success:

  • Mrs. Jolanta Podlewska, Mezzosopran
  • Mr. Wojciech Drabowicz, Bariton
  • Mr. Krzysztof Wilkus, Orgel
  • Choir of the Cathedral Poznan
  • Orchestra of Musicschool II. degree - Mieczyslaw Karlowicz in Poznan
  • Prelate Szymon Daszkiewicz, for preparation of the cathedral choir of Poznan
  • Mr. Aleksander Gref for preparation of the Orchestra
  • Leszk Walkowiak, Director of the musicschool
  • Director Aleksander Radzewski
  • Parish priest of the Cathedral Ireneusz Szwarc
  • Thanks to all volunteers
  • Thanks to Adam Nowak „Nasz Klub“
  • Thanks to Radio Merkury-Poznan
  • Thanks to Verein „Venite“ from Austria
  • Tanks to conductor and composer Gerald Spitzner for his leading the world-première
  • Thanks to Mrs. Prof. Renate Spitzner for her own composition, which she performed on Violin-solo: „Für Papst Johannes Paul II“

Hörprobe / Listen to the music: click here

That concert had been an historical moment, which will never be forgotten.

Grażyna Zielińska 22.05.2005 Poznań